After much prayer and consideration, the board of directors for the Knights Conference has elected to cancel this year’s conference scheduled for March 27th– 29th due to the COVID19 outbreak. Our decision to cancel the conference was based on the recommendations offered by our federal, state, and local health officials.  Our board has not made a decision rooted in fear of what may occur but rather in an effort to protect the well being of the young men that attend our conference.
Due to the cancellation of this year’s conference, any payments that have been made for conference fees will be either credited to a future conference or refunded to you fully.  Please contact us at to have your payment credited to the next conference or to request a refund.

Making Modern-day Knights

Knights Conference is committed to challenge men to be more than common– to be what and who Christ commanded us to be. In a world that is flooded with men who refuse to be strong and stand up for what is right, Knights Conference exists to encourage and challenge young men to become the Man of God that we are created to be– not who society tells us to be.

For over 15 years, Knights Conference has served students North Georgia, and for all those years men have gathered to challenge each other physically and spiritually.

The Knight’s Conference is the beginning of a vision that we have to impact a generation of men, young and old, to stand up and be counted among the men of God.

The event takes place Friday night until Sunday morning and each minute in between is packed with challenges that build unity, teamwork, self esteem, and grow together as men, as a brotherhood of Knights.

Students are divided into different “companies” (Alpha team, Bravo team, Charlie team, Delta team) where they forge a bond with other students as they compete against the other companies for honor and respect. The challenges are intense but the time we spend building relationships and growing spiritually as men is even more intense.

We want men to come be a part of a life changing weekend and to experience what God has called them be!